Get Involved

In order for our country and schools to produce the necessary skills, we need to invest in the education of our learners. As a result, our work focusses more on providing long-term solutions. We are open for donations of a financial nature and also non-fiscal partnerships that will help in improving the quality of the work we do and the skills of our learners.  Your donations will go towards the following:
  • Food for Saturday classes
  • Purchasing of equipment for Saturday classes
  • Operational costs


To make a donation, please contact Mr Vuyisile Mfecane on vuyisile@tirisanofoundation.org.za. In addition, kindly inform us if you would like to receive an 18A tax certificate for your donation. This can be used for tax benefits as per SARS requirements. A deposit can be made at the following account:  FNB
Tirisano Foundation


You can also get involved with Tirisano Foundation in the following ways:
  • Be part of the facilitating teams for the Saturday classes
  • Speaking about your career during our annual Career Day,
  • Get your organisation to share their skills and knowledge with our learners